Custom Built Computers

All of our computers are built with patience, care, and precision!

Service Description:

Building a computer is something most people overthink and get intimidated by, but it is really simple to with practice and several videos online. At Kreative Tek Solutions we build custom computers either with guidance or without. To explain, we can have you provide a list of components you would like us to add to the computer or we can build the entire computer based on a rough outline provide by you. What we mean by that is, if you are looking to build a gaming computer and provide us with a list of games you are looking to play, we will build the computer based on the requirements the games require. If the intention is an office computer, we can do that as well but if you are not looking for a bulk deal it might be better to purchase a computer from your local electronics stores such as Best Buy or Frys.

As mentioned above we build your machine based on specifications that are required or are provided by you. If we are the ones purchasing the hardware and assembling the computer, we will charge an assembly fee as well as a fee for purchasing the hardware. Usually, we install a version of windows based on what the client requires, and for that reason, the price of a project does vary from project to project. All components purchased for a computer system come with some sort of warranty which we will transfer to the owner of the machine. In the event, the client runs into faulty hardware they will have the ability to request an RMA with the manufacture themselves.

The way we break down cost is all depending on the number of components that need to be installed, the form factor of the computer, operating system installation, driver installation, any specific software installation, office installation, and anything else that is needed. When building any desktop, we thoroughly test each and every component before putting it into the machine to make sure there are no issues with the unit received. We also test each component after the entire computer is assembled to prevent any issues or errors that may arise in the future due to our mistake. If you are an individual that is looking to build a computer, we highly recommend looking at a few YouTube videos as well as Google so you can build it yourself, not only will you save money but you will learn how to build a computer. However, if you do not have time and/or are afraid to build the computer we are here. Feel free to reach out and we will see if we can do something to help you out.