Office PC Repair

Carefully analyzing, understanding, and fixing issues with PCs are our speciality!

Service Description:

Every computer needs repair regardless of that being Windows, Mac, or even Linux. When it comes to Windows there is more maintenance required due to how it is built and how much the platform is targeted. This is not saying Mac does not require maintenance but rather just not as much and not as frequent. It is recommended that a person that owns a Windows operating system should reset it every 6 months and do a clean install to keep the machine running at optimal speed. Usually, most don’t even know that this is recommended and in other cases, people are scared of the data they would lose so they ignore it. For offices, this is extremely important because it is easy for threats to manifest as well as slow down the machine.

To prolong the maintenance for another six months to a year user should at minimum defrag their Hard Drives (not SSDs), routine cleaning both simple and deep cleaning, delete files that are not needed both in the downloaded folders as well as the recycle bin, have some sort of security installed, and only install the software you know for a fact can be trusted. These recommendations may seem simple and obvious but 99% of users do not do most of the tasks mentioned above. Most of these steps can be done by users themselves, however, for some people, it is easier to just let a professional handle this on multiple computers, and from time to time there are computers that have accumulated quite a bit of issue or the computer may not turn on which is where we come in and help you like nothing ever happened.