Environment Virtualization

Less hardware, multiple virtual enviornments, and accessiblity from anywhere with an internet connection!

Service Description:

99% of our clients ask for us to provide some sort of remote assistance during our projects. Sometimes this is regarding zipping a file and other times more complex like a database issue, but nonetheless, it is a service required and offered. We provide remote assistance quite a bit and some of our clients hire us as their technical support team in the event something goes wrong, they reach out and we remote into their machine and try to help resolve the issue which we are successful 99.9% of the time.

Since it is a remote service cost is usually a lot less but we do require an annual contract for this service as it is cheaper to charge in a bulk rate rather than hourly. More and more IT-based companies are starting to offer this form of service since more and more remote positions are opening up and being considered common.

We use a number of different software in order to perform these services. A few of them are TeamViewer, Join.me, LogMeIn, Chrome Desktop, TightVNC, AeroAdmin, NoMachine, and AnyDesk. Depending on what the client prefers or already has installed we try to make this process as convenient as possible. If we have set up the network chances are, we have already set up some sort of RDP system and if that is the case, we do not need a 3rd party software and can use the default software each platform comes with.