Remote Desktop Setup

Convience, security, and accessiblily can go a long way!

Service Description:

Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) setup is a feature that is requested by 95% of our clients so they can configure their work station to be accessible from outside of their network. This service is requested by both my companies as well as home users who usually have some sort of home office. Having the ability to set up a secure connection to their home office and being able to access their computer/device using any remote desktop application (phone, another computer, or even a tablet) is a convenience that is overlooked. If set up properly it is possible for users to access their desktop on their phone and do basic and/or sophisticated tasks even without a computer. This sometimes helps with an employee is sick or if someone is on vacation and needs to get something done in an urgent manner.

Setting up RDP can be done on Windows, Macs, and even Linux. However, each platform has its own way of configuring and allowing each connection. Most people usually set up internal RDP functionalities for local IT departments to fix issues but in larger companies, it is also done externally and routed through a VPN in order to encrypt data and prevent data/credential leakage.