Router/Switch Setup

Clean, organized, and concise router/switch setup!

Service Description:

We provide onsite router and switch setup for home and offices, however, all wiring of the ethernet should be done prior to installing the router/switch. We do not provide wiring services but rather configuration services. The devices we use for most of our setups are provided by Ubiquiti Networks, and they have several options to pick from. They have devices that are suitable for both home and office networks. By having us come in and configure your home or office not only can you increase the speed and security of your network but could result in reducing overall cost.

Usually, the way we work when it comes to setting up a router/switch for clients that hire us is by assessing the most optimal location to put the router/switch for performance and aesthetics. By doing this we can not only reduce the number of nodes needed for a location but get the most optimal coverage possible. We also configure the network to detect and prevent any intrusions. As stated above there are several components Ubiquiti Networks provide from routers and switches to cameras and sensors. Most of the devices work on a Power Over Ethernet (POE) based connection which is convenient as you do not need to run separate wires all over the building and one ethernet is enough.

But because we do not provide wiring services it is recommended to have us come out look at everything and either hire someone we recommend for the wiring or find someone to wire and we can come in and set everything else up. There are several ways to approach this issue but the first thing is first it is a good idea for us to see what we are setting up before running any new wires (assuming it is required.)