Custom Scripting

Create a custom script for practically anything. The only limitation is your imagination!

Service Description:

Custom Scripting refers to any script that needs to be written in almost any programming language required for the project. This can be an individual script or module to work with an existing system or an entirely separate script for a custom task. Usually, we use custom scripting for task automation. What most people do not realize is repetitive tasks are something that can usually be automated and building a script/system to automate that task not only saves time but makes everything more productive and efficient.

We have a client that was going to different sources and manually gathering information so his employees could make cold calls to get new customers/clients, and to perform this task he had four employees doing this on a weekly basis who were returning approximately one thousand results a week. We were sought out and hired as a trial to automate that process and in about two to three weeks we came up with an algorithm that retrieved ten thousand results in a matter of ten minutes. Not only did we make his process more efficient and productive he is able to have his employees focus only on calling and he handles generating the cold call list with one click.

There are several applications that custom scripting can be used for, the above is a simple scenario we encountered that demonstrates the efficiency custom scripting can provide for any business. The concept of work smarter not harder comes into play here because you provide certain parameters to the script we created and have the computer do the heavy lifting in a manner of speaking. It takes humans a few seconds to generate a lead because we have to process what we are seeing, but when it comes to computers if you give them clear directions it only takes a computer a microsecond to process the instructions you provided. As mentioned, the above example is one of many examples, so if you think you have a task, we can automate feel free to reach out, and let’s see if we can work some magic.