Video Editing

Seeing systems and concepts in actions are more effective than learning hands on!

Service Description:

In our current society, more and more people are starting to create videos as it is one of the best ways to explain concepts ad advertise. But one some people lack is a properly edited and customized intro and explainer. This can be an animation explaining your product or an intro that is to be put at the front of each video you provide. The utility of this is endless and we are sure we can be of assistance.

The way it works is fairly simple, the first thing we need to do is have you explain what you are trying to accomplish with the video. If it’s an intro for other videos that would be nice to know, if it’s for YouTube that would be valuable as well if it's for explaining a new product you have or how to use your existing product. Once we understand what you are trying to do, we would like to get some sort of explanation of how you would like the video to be built as in the content of the video. If you have any scripts or any example you like that would help out a lot. Once that is provided, we can give you a rough mockup of what we come up with and edit it as needed. We will include revisions to the end results but keep in mind the revisions need to be reasonable. As you can see the utility of these services can be versatile.

The main software we will be using for video editing is Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere. If the client requests for the source file we will also provide those as well in the event they would like to take it to another video editing company or would like to do edits to the file yourself. Reach out and let’s see if we can bring your concept to reality.