Windows Mobile Application Development

Windows Mobile Applications are not as important as other platforms, however, it is important to cover this platfrom to complete the package and have presence everywhere!

Service Description:

As technology evolves, more and more applications are developed and windows mobile application development is something very few users request due to the windows phone market not being as saturated compared to Android and iPhone. However, if this is application is a concept, we highly recommend developing an Android application before a windows-based application since the user base to test the application is significantly higher compared the Windows mobile. We use Visual Studio to develop Windows-based applications. Usually, our native programming language we use when developing Windows Mobile Application applications is C#, C++, or

As mentioned before if the project you are considering is a new project and you do not have any sort of test cases, surveys, or any statistical data to justify creating two apps and deploying in two different markets we recommend creating and deploying the Android version first. This will not only save on the cost of developing multiple apps for different platforms but can give you the justification to create another version of the application for other platforms based on popularity.

The other option is to create a hybrid application that is able to compile for multiple platforms on a single codebase. We currently use Flutter and Dart programming in order to create applications that are able to be deployed on multiple platforms usually all at once with minor platform-based exceptions. This form of development has been becoming more and more popular due to the cost you end up saving. One code-base for multiple platforms not only reduces cost in development but maintenance as well.

If you have an existing application build and have access to the codebase of the application, we are more than willing to try and alter or fix things in that codebase. However, if the codebase is significantly old, we do recommend consider rebuilding the application. We recommend this mainly because there is a good chance the application’s codebase may be depreciated meaning the code is not usable anymore or we cannot compile it due to outdated syntax.

Regardless of working with existing code or writing the code by ourself testing is a crucial step. We perform several tests in order to prevent as many errors as possible when it comes to deployment. Because of this 99% of the time maintenance for our codebase is very minimal. Usually, most of the maintenance falls back to the actual hardware such as a server or client-side devices. So, what are you waiting for reach out, and let’s get your project started!